Creative Cafe Radio is a radio station that plays nothing but Podcasts and Creative Commons Music. We broadcast the talent of those that make there work available for free. All of the music we feature on our station is available to download and share for free under the Creative Commons Licence or is Public Domain, unless otherwise stated. See more about Creative Commons, their licences and Attribution.

We broadcast a range of music under almost every genre. There truly is something for everyone. Our aim is to surprise, indulge and amaze you with various music tracks that you probably may never have heard before.

As well as our own podcast, we also broadcast a number of third party podcasts from other sources on the internet that have been happy to let us rebroadcast them.

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The Tommy G Radio Show – Sunday’s 4-5pm (UK Time)

Join Tommy G on The Tommy G Radio Show for a creative hour of Unsigned and Creative Commons Music as well as chat and competitions. Prepare to listen to music you never knew existed and join in the chat you never thought you would listen to.

Sundays, 4-5pm on Creative Cafe Radio and WBR FM.

This Week’s Show – 15/10/17